Medieval Manor

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Find Clues - Solve Puzzles - Escape!

As a reporter you are sent to the apartment of world famous Ornithologist, Walter Matthews who may be hiding a big secret!

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​As a group of Pillagers you head to Providencia to steal as much gold and jewels as you can but this time you get caught. Can you escape before you are hanged for your crimes?

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Ornithologist's Secret

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Quandary(R) Escape Games is a live action escape room adventure

Picture this...

You are locked in a room with a few friends, family members, or coworkers. Ominous music surrounds you as the timer begins. You now have 60 minutes to get yourselves out...but how? This room seems as ordinary as any other room. You begin to look around. You search high and low and you move every object with no idea what you are looking for. Is everything a clue? Is nothing a clue? How will you know? Working as a team you determine an object is of significance and it reveals a puzzle. Upon solving the puzzle you discover another clue. The timer continues counting down. The pressure is on. You wipe the perspiration from your forehead. Is everyone in that room counting on you to set them free, or are you relying on them? Will you lead your team to safety or will you collapse under the pressure? Will you be the hero or will you fall short? 

Find the clues, solve the puzzles, ESCAPE!

​You sneak into a private underground casino hoping to win big. With the doors locking behind you your luck may have run out.

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Royal Flush Casino

Medieval Manor is Now Open!