The Ornithologist's Secret

(6 Person Game)

You are a reporter for the Providence newspaper. With your job on the line you set out to find a compelling story for tomorrow's paper. You know of a local man named Walter Matthews who is a world renown Ornithologist. A story about his worldly adventures and research could hopefully be enough to save your job. 

You go to Walter's apartment in the city hoping to steal a quick interview. You ring the bell but there is no answer. You peer through the windows and can see no one.  You are about to leave when you notice the door is ajar. Slowly you push the door open and call for him. 

"Walter?" you say.

"Walter Matthews?" ... "Is anyone here?"

There is no response. You know you should leave but your curiosity gets the best of you and you slowly enter the room. You try one last time to get someone's attention.

"I'm with the Providence Journal and I was hoping to ask you a few questions about your research. Do you have a few min...?"

Before you can finish your sentence the door slams closed behind you. You have triggered Walter's security system which sealed the door shut. A voice comes over the intercom:

"I see you in my house. I will be there in an hour. You better hope you are gone before I get back"

Will you find a way to escape the room before Walter returns? 

Find the clues, Solve the puzzles, and ESCAPE!

This is a Point-Based Game. It isn't just about whether or not you escape, its about how many points you can earn on your way out.

Earn points based on how much time is left on the clock when you escape. Plus you can earn additional points if you can escape with the Gold Coins, Gold Bracelets, Crown, and Scepter.

Leaderboard is based on total points earned, not just how fast you escape the room.

Average Success Rate

Royal Flush Casino

​(8 Person Game)

Medieval Manor

(4-6 People. Private Groups Only. Not Paired with Strangers)

*Must be at Least 16 Years Old to Play Medieval Manor

*Dimly Lit

Average Success Rate

You have an insatiable appetite for gambling but the local casinos don't offer stakes high enough to satisfy your needs. A friend of a friend heard about an underground casino that operates in the city, just west of the Providence River, called the Royal Flush Casino. This could be just what you are looking for.

You gather up a few friends and decide to check it out. Hidden in a dark alley, behind an old dumpster you find the entrance way you were told about. You eagerly make your way into the casino and immediately fall in love with the atmosphere. The air is filled with the sounds of shuffling cards, rolling dice, and the clinking of clay poker chips. You see poker tables, roulette wheels, craps tables, blackjack and slot machines. The lights are low and the stakes are high... and about to get even higher.​

You weren't told this was a private invitation-only casino and outsiders were absolutely

not welcome. As soon as you are noticed everyone in the casino runs out the door

fearing you to be cops sent in to raid their illegal operation.

Disappointed, you decide to leave only to find the doors have

been locked from the outside. You are trapped! The casino

owners will be back in an hour with reinforcements to make

sure you are gone ... and you better be. 

Search the room to find the clues. Solve the puzzles

and get out of that casino before your luck runs out.

You are part of a group of pillagers roaming from village to village

stealing as much gold and jewels as you can.

On this day you traveled to the land of Providencia but you get

caught in the act. 

You are thrown in the dungeon and scheduled to be hanged in one hour. You must escape before you are executed for your crimes, but while you are making your escape you might as well try to steal what you came for on your way out.

Find the Clues and Solve the Puzzles to Escape, but also search for the Gold Coins, the Royal Golden Crown, and Royal Golden Scepter to maximize your point total.

Average Success Rate