Why Choose Quandary Escape Games for Your Next Team Building Event?

Here's Why...


Escape rooms are a great way for your staff, non-profit group, school, or any other organization to get out of the office for a fun and exciting team building adventure. Our escape rooms demand intense cooperation and teamwork. Each game offers the chance for groups to work together find the clues and solve a series of puzzles to make their escape. Quandary Escape Games can make your next team building event something everyone will be talking about for weeks.


Quandary Escape Games is a live-action escape room adventure. Participants are forced to work as a team as they search the room looking for clues. Clues will lead to puzzles and solving a series of puzzles is the only way to escape the room. With only 60 minutes on the clock everyone must use their wits, teamwork, creative thinking, and leadership to escape the room in time. You've never held a team building exercise like this before!


Quandary Escape Games prides itself on providing a unique and incredibly fun way of promoting team building within your organization, but its not all just for fun and game. We offer 3 options for your event that will provide you with detailed information about how each member of the team performed and how well they were (or weren't) able to work together to overcome the challenges. More information about these options is available here.